With near perfect weather after six flights in the first day of the Santa Maria Cup, two of the top ranked women sailors in the world are on top again, but even in points among their competitors from among ten teams. Liz Bayliss,, who won this competition in 2003 and Sally Barkow, who won in 2004, are even with seven wins each.

Next closest scores go to last year’s winner, Katie Spithill of Australia, Claire Leroy of France, Christlle Philippe, also from France with four points each. In third place, Katy-Pyle Lovell from the U.S., Lorenza Mariani from Italy, and due to an unforeseen and unfortunate issue involving passports and visas, Josie Gibson of Great Britain was unable to attend this year and replacing her was Joann Fisher from the U.S. with Kim Couranz, Lindsey Bartel, and Lynda Hiller crewing for her, and Nicky Souter from Australia are all tied at two points each for third place, with Liz Hjorth of the U.S. still hoping to get on the score board in last place.

World-class match racing continues in Annapolis thru June 2 with 10 of the top women match racers competeing in the BoatU.S. Santa Maria Cup. And new this year, spectators will be able to tune their VHF radios to channel 78 for live commentary on the races as they happen.