Continued light winds prevented the race from beginning until 2pm. Only one flight was accomplished having significant effect on the standings. The first flight broke the tie between Liz Baylis (USA) and Claire Leroy (FRA) –giving Claire the clear lead. Three teams tied with 5 wins, one team with four wins, any of which can make it to the final four. The race was cut short due to a major thunderstorm.

Saturday’s weather predicts winds from 15-20 knots, clear sunny skies and a very competitive finish…

Results after 8 flights (one flight remaining in round robin):
Leroy (FRA) – 7-1
Baylis (USA) - 6-2
Bossard (FRA), Tulloch (USA), and Spithill (AUS) - Tied at 5-3
Mariani (ITA) - 4-4
Lovell (USA) and Fisher (USA) - Tied at 3-5
Senfft (BRA) - 2-6
Ramires (POR) - 0-8

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