• Leroy captures 2009 BoatU.S. Santa Maria Cup

    France’s Claire Leroy, the top-rated women’s match racer in the world for the past five years, captured the 2009 BoatU.S. Santa Maria Cup on Saturday. Leroy had set winning this event as a personal goal having been unsuccessful in 3 previous attempts. Leroy noted that she was proud of her... [Read More]
  • BoatUS Santa Maria Cup - Day Three

    Continued light winds prevented the race from beginning until 2pm. Only one flight was accomplished having significant effect on the standings. The first flight broke the tie between Liz Baylis (USA) and Claire Leroy (FRA) –giving Claire the clear lead. Three teams tied with 5 wins, one team with four... [Read More]
  • BoatUS Santa Maria Cup - Day Two results

    Light winds continued on Day 2 at the BoatU.S. Santa Maria Cup Race, but, they held steady long enough for 5 flights to be completed. Currently France’s Claire Leroy and the USA’s Liz Baylis are tied for 1st place with six points each. Four teams are lurking in the shadows... [Read More]
  • BoatUS Santa Maria Cup - Day One results

    Cloudy skies and low temperatures could not cool off the competition during the opening day of the 2009 BoatU.S Santa Maria Cup. Winds died in the afternoon of the 27th allowing only 2 flights of racing. Three tiers were tied with 2 wins each including Claire Leroy of France and... [Read More]